Introduction to Undergraduate Program

Core courses emphasize three topic areas:political theory, public administration, and international relations. Students work on establishing solid theoretical foundations before moving on to classes offering practical analyses of government institutions and administrative processes. Subsequent coursework is aimed at international analyses and comparative politics.

Here are typical examples of course sequences:

Required/core undergraduate courses
Year Semester Course Title
First First Introduction to Political Science I; Introduction to Economics I; Introduction to Law
Second Introduction to Political Science II; Introduction to Economics II; Republic of China Constitution and Government; Introduction to Sociology
Second First Public Administration; Comparative Politics and Government; International Relations
Second Introduction to Political Philosophy; Applied Statistics; Public Policy
Third First Methodology in Political Science I; Political Economy
Second Methodology in Political Science II; Cross-Strait Relations
Division Semester Course Title
Political theory First Gender Politics; Political Development; Contemporary Political Thought; History of Chinese Political Thought; Political Sociology
Second History of Western Political Thought; Civil Politics and Civil Society; Social Movements; Political Parties and Elections; Political Psychology; Social Science Statistics and Analysis
Public administration First Organization Behavior and Theory; Taiwan Local Government and Politics; Public Finance; Government and Enterprises; American Government and Politics; Personnel Administration; Environmental Policy; Policy Practices
Second Technology and Administration; Administrative Law; European Governments and Politics; Comparative Democratic Systems; Judicial Politics; Public Affairs Management
International relations First History of International Relations I; U.S. Foreign Policy; Asian Security: Theory and Policy; International Law

History of International Relations II; International Organizations; Chinese Foreign Policy; International Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region; Civil Wars and International Relations